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A hub where people gather and information is shared

Our office was lively on April 9. Total 13 people including 2 kids visited our office the day. Kids were playing actively in the office!

Ms. Yamabe is one who is always living up ChimachiMa, and she came to our office this day with her children for the meeting of the next ChimachiMa in May.
Also staff meeting for “Isumi Future” was held this day, meanwhile there was someone who came to our office from Tokyo for a business with natural energy etc.

Several projects are carried out at the same time, and our office is very vibrant!
I love this atmosphere in which kids are running around while adults continue their business^^

It is nice to see that out office is used as a hub where people gather to communicate like this day.
I feel excited to see people-to-people contact creates a variety of new things.

Some people visit our office and happen to make friends with someone who also visit here at the same timing.
Our office opens from 8:30 to 17:15, Mon-Sat.
We have variety of information from event flyers, local job information, Isumi map to relocation brochure. Please stop in whenever you like.

(Shu / Yasuko)

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