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Announcement of Office Relocation and Temporary Closing

The office of NPO Isumi Lifestyle Laboratory will be relocated.

We leave our current office in Misaki Chosha (city government building) of Isumi city hall at the end of May and open our new office in June.

The new office is around the center of the shopping street of Choja-station.
We had a good opportunity and were able to rent a space.
We are further getting along and work with the local people and take action with all of you.

So, we close our office on the following period:
May 27, 2015 (Wed) to June 9, 2015 (Tue)

The new office opens on June 10 (Wed)
Please contact us by phone or email during the closed period if you need.

Tel: 0470-62-6730
Mobile: 080-5871-7936
E-mail: isumi-style@bz03.plala.or.jp

*The above contact is the same as before even after the relocation

Please be noted that we may not be able to respond the phone depending on the date, when we are out or during telephone installation work.
In that case, please contact our mobile number.
Although we will check email for sure, it may take time to reply sometimes.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

During relocation, our blog may be less active, but we will work actively after relocation as new “Isumi Lifestyle Laboratory” !

☆New Office Address☆
475 Choja, Misaki-cho. Isumi-shi, Chiba

Details such as car park and other information will be announced later.

( Horii / Yasuko )

Executive committee meeting of Boso Jamboree Live was conducted.

A meeting for Boso Jamboree was conducted 13th(Wed) at Amatsu Shinmei Jinja . Boso Jamboree is a regional vitalization project in which extended area of Isumi, Kamogawa and Tateyama are connected.

We reviewed the “Live 0” Boso Jamboree event held with Boso Star Market on April 5, 2015 and discussed how to organize the next “Live 1” event on October 25, 2015 (Sun).

First, we discussed how to shape a character of the event in the circumstance where there are many market events as well as music events at many places.

1. Live sound and Live music
Using live music for dance performances, not to mention for live music performance.

2. Local artists’ performance at Local stage
Artists living in Boso area perform their stage at Boso area.

3. Grand finale stage
All the artists who performed on the day stand on one stage together to show their performance with everyone. (The event doesn’t end up with the listing of individual stage.)

4. Enhancing artistic quality
Making the even a place where performers aware to enhance each other’s skills as “performance”, and people can have an “extraordinary” experience.

Considering the above, we are also going to discuss on extending the event time to 10AM-8PM in order to enjoy “light” and “sound” as a stage setting in the darkness of night instead of only a day time.

In addition, for the “Live 1” event on October 25, 2015, Jiyu-hiroba, a market event of Amatsu Shinmei Jinja, is going to be held at the same time.
This Jiyu-hiroba is an event where local people open a stall for flea-market, foods and drinks, and goods, and up to nearly 3000 people come to the market.
It is really grateful that this market is held simultaneously to create a connection with local people.

We, Isumi Life-style Laboratories are going to focus on “Boso Star Market, a market of specialty foods and goods by handmade/handcraft producers” and “Boso Jamboree by artists living in Boso for people who enjoy their life in Boso” as two aspects of activity to liven up this extended local area of Boso.

寄付受付中  房総ジャンボリー
We are accepting donation for Boso Jamboree
*We are collecting donations for the operating cost of Boso Jamboree through “Chiba no WA Chiikizukuri Kikin (Chib no Wa community development fund)”
We welcome your donation.

( Zackey / Yasuko )

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