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”Tour for ecological lifestyle in Isumi, Boso Peninsula” conducted on May 31, 2014.

This was the first tour in 2014!
The theme of the tour was “Ecological Lifestyle.”

The tour was full, and 17 participants joined the tour, which was more than the fixed number.

Many were from Chiba prefecture, but some also came from Tokyo.
The age range was wide from 20’s to 70’s.

We met at our office of Isumi lifestyle.com as always and got on a bus to start the tour!

Firstly, we visited a place “Kayuso”, where a couple moved from Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa enjoy their ecological lifestyle that is environmentally friendly.
This time, we heard their wisdom that is adopted in their daily life while they enjoy their lifestyle.

The most impressive words among many stories were “not to waste anything as much as possible” and “to reuse everything until it is no longer usable.”
I felt it may be the lifestyle that is harmonized with nature.

They say “we are not stingy. We enjoy. ”

After we heard a lot of stories at “Kayuso”, we visited an activity base of “Kuwata, Satoyama no kai” for lunch.
(*”Satoyama” is a community forest where farmland meets the forest.)

Over the beautiful paddy field, there was a self-build cottage.
We had a “Satoyama lunch” there.

The menu was Futomaki-sushi and deli made by a group “Rakudokai” in which local moms and grandmas enjoy cooking local dishes. Plus, homemade pizza of a bakery, “Ansatoyama”.

It was really a big portion and was tasty!
More than anything, eating outside in the nature brought an open atmosphere.

Everybody enjoyed their lunch.

After filling up our stomach, we walked around the Satoyama where conservation activity was taken place by “Kuwata, Satoyama no kai.”

Some area was steep, but the view was nice and it was pleasant!
I didn’t know there was such a nice place! It was new finding.

After the walk, we stopped at farmer’s store and then visited Brown’s Field.
We heard about their daily activities.

It was a hot day, but the time passed so quickly.

The participants say, “I could have talked many people. I talked closely with local people and felt the atmosphere of the Isumi. It was good” “I spent a very meaningful day” and “I enjoyed a lot.” They are very satisfied.

(Chie /Yasuko)

Chimachi Market held on June 8

I was concerned about the rain that had been continued for days, but Chimachi Market was held actively on the day.

On the day, another local events as well as sports day in school were held, which were postponed because of rain, and some shop owner also cancelled their participation at the market because of rain, so that the market was held at a reduced scale.

The specialty on the day was this!! Many customers and shop owners were so curious.

Soap bubbles of big and small.

Both kids and adults were so excited!

Also a group “Wakku Wakku” held an event “Building green dorm” in the yard.

Kids painted a picture on the plant pots and put them underneath the green dorm.

It is interested how this green dorm is going to be change in the future.

Also, “Chimachi cooking lesson” was held by “Kyarabuki (butterbur stalks boiled in soy sauce) Promotion Group”.
They made “milk kuzumochi (mill arrowroot cake)”, “milk yokan (milk jelly using agar made of seaweed)”, plus “milk bavarois.” These are all easy to make.

These are sweets in which lots of wisdom of local moms and grandmas are contained.
Even I will be able to make them at home.

Shop owners and customers are loosely connected in the market.
It was such a nice day.

The next market is on July 13 2014.

(Chie / Yasuko)

Participants of “International Producer Class, Morning University of Marunouchi” visited us on May 17, 2014.

On May 17, participants of International Producer Class, Morning University of Marunouchi visited our office.

This class is for working people and held at Marunouchi Building every week. The theme of this class is “Let’s appeal the attractiveness of Japan to the world”.

All the lectures are given in English.

Mr. Everett Brown, a representative of Brown’s Field, is a lecturer of the class.
The fieldwork had previously held in Isumi (See the previous field work) and it was held again this year for 2 days 1 night.

No less than 35 people visited our office this time, and we introduced Isumi city and our activities of Isumi Lifestyle Laboratory to them.

Mr. Kimizuka, a chairman of our organization, presented our activity briefly and Q&A session was held.
In addition to questions about our activities, there were variety of questions about Isumi city and community.

It was the first visit to Isumi for most of them, but many were interested in Isumi. There were many voices, such as “I will visit here for holiday next time.” “I would like to live in Isumi.”

I also used to be a business person working in Marunouchi, so that participants might have found something in common with me. We talked a lot.

It was very short time, but I think we could have talked of many things.

It will be great if they visit Isumi again.

( Chie / Yasuko)

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