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“Screening Board on Civic Suggestion Project for Isumi City Community Development” in 2014, a Public Presentation Held

A public presentation, “Screening Board on Civic Suggestion Project for Isumi City Community Development” in 2014 was held on April 11, 2014.

This project has been undertaken by Isumi city.
In this project, the city administration cooperates and collaborates with civic groups who operate their project subjectively and independently for issues which cannot be solved by the city administration itself. It aims to grasp a variety of needs, to ease both public and private burdens, and to develop projects effectively for better community building.

6 organizations had applied for the project of organization suggestion type and one organization for the project of administrative suggestion type this year, and their presentations were conducted.

All organizations who presented this day were all “Isumi city community development organizations” You can check these organizations here.

Start-up Support Project for Isumi City Community Development Promotion Organizations

Civic Suggestion Project for Isumi City Community Development

(Chie / Yasuko)

ChimachiMa (Isumi Life Market in Chimachi) in April Taken Place

On April the 13th(Sun), the first ChimachiMa this year was taken place on the day.
It was sweet to see grandmas came to visit ChimachiMa with their grandchildren in this beautiful spring day.

We held a work shop, “Let’s Find a Four-Leaf Clover.”
Participants looked for a four-leaf clover among many clovers in the yard, and created an original bookmark.

Ms. Higashiyama of Bloom Studio also held a workshop, “Making Hand Kneading Yomogi Soap.”(Yomogi is a Japanese name of Artemisia princeps, a kind of herb.)”

She relocated to Isumi last year. She had been living in Isumi less than a year, but has already started holding workshops in Isumi.

We had less shops on the day as there were other events on the same day, but they sold Sakura Sushi (sushi with pieces of cherry blossom), Udo (aralia cordata; stem and sprout are eatable), and bamboo shoot, etc. which are all seasonal spring food.

There are lots of play items in the yard.
Children do not need commercial toys. They run around a small hill in the yard, pick flowers, and play bamboo instruments. Children are the “genius of play”.

Children were running around freely, and adults were doing shopping and chat.
A space was shared with people of all generations.

Such scene was common in old days, and still we have it here.

We will continue to hold a free and friendly market which is unique to the former nursery school. Please drop in next time.

The next ChimachiMa will be held on May 11th, 2014(Sun)
Also we are always looking for market vendors. If you are interested, please contact us.

(Miho / Yasuko)

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