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Cherry Blossom in Isumi Fully Bloomed

On April 2nd in the morning, the weather was nice, and I went out to see cherry blossom in Isumi City.

I thought of going to a famous photo spot of Isumi Railway where the contrast of cole flower and cherry blossom are supposed to be so beautiful, and I visited see a row of cherry blossom trees near Nittano station.

A lot of people were already there with their cameras.
Some of them are from Chiba, and others from Omiya, Sagami, etc., quite far place.

A Japanese style house with the rural landscape provides a nice view like a picture.
I had liked Isumi but I once again found that Isumi was a really great place.

Then suddenly the railroad crossing bell started to sound!
Everybody got ready to take a photo of the train.

Only two trains (one inbound and one outbound) run per hour, and it is a single car train.
You can’t miss the right timing to take a good photo.

My camera doesn’t have enough zoom, but I managed to take the train photo somehow.
Well, I wish I could have taken a better photo!
But then I have to wait for another one hour…

I am Makibe with dandelion flowers. Pretty, aren’t we?

Cherry blossom trees are planted here and there along the railway line other than this place. Many people also take a train to enjoy the view.

The Isumi Railway prepared a map for must-see sight for flowers and others.
The map is available in our office.

Why don’t you visit those places with the map in the pleasant spring season?

You can also download the map here

It is relaxing and enjoyable. It is highly recommended.

(Shu / Yasuko)

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