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This video introduces the Choja and Shiigi shopping streets, which have long been located near the Taito Lighthouse in the Isumi River basin, which flows through Isumi City.

This video introduces the Choja and Shiigi shopping streets, which have long been located near the Taito Lighthouse in the Isumi River basin, which flows through Isumi City.

Choja Shopping Street is located near Choja-machi Station (opened in 1899) on the JR Sotobo Line.
This shopping arcade is watched over by Tenjin Shrine, which is dedicated to Sugawara no Michizane, and has a long history, having once flourished as an inn town in the mid-Edo period.
The NPO’s office is also located on this shopping street.

The Shiigi shopping street is a few minutes’ walk from Taito Station (opened in 899) on the JR Sotobo Line.
The shrine associated with this shopping street is Tamasaki Shrine, a very old shrine founded in 807.

More shopping street introduction videos are available on the Japanese website.
If you would like to see them, please click here.

Choja Mart (tentative name), a community space in Choja shopping street, opens on February 19, 2016 (Fri)

We Isumi Lifestyle Laboratory has regularly hold Isumi Life Market in Chimachi where people can meet and deepen exchanges with a concept of “Meet and connect in Isumi.”
In spring 2016, we are opening a new community space in Choja shopping street to create more community building opportunities.

We rent a vacant shop space where previously was a farmer’s store Pumpkin, and utilize the place as a community space Choja Mart (tentative name).

The space can be used as a shop or used for flea market, workshop, small starter business and more.

Due to the lack of funds, we would like to create this space with you, users. For example we work together to outfit the interiors of the building.

○Date: Open weekdays and Saturdays from 10:00 to 16:00
(Closed Sundays and Holidays, The use during off-hours is negotiable)
○Location: 176 Choja, Misaki-cho, Isumi-shi (used to be a shop Pumpkin)
Facilities include car parking and toilet, water supply and power supply available
○Details: We aim to create a community space where everyone (both Isumi citizen and people who visited Isumi for first time) can meet and enjoy.

We are planning to sale farm products made in Isumi (sweets and deli made with local products); display and sale handmade products; offer opportunities for small starter business; hold flea market etc.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to use the space.
We look forward to meeting you at Choja Mart.

Map of Choja Mart (tentative name): 176 Choja, Misaki-cho, Isumi-shi

( Zackey/Yasuko )

Toll Roads Free Campaign. Come to visit Isumi for a summer vacation.

A small good news.

During the summer tourist period (Jul.-Sep.), you can go for a drive to Isumi with low cost from Chiba area.
Toll Roads that are managed by Chiba Road Public Corporation will be free all day for all vehicles.

From Togane-shi to Ichinomiya-machi is the area related to Isumi. From Togane you go through Togane-kujukuri-yuryo-doro (Togane-kujukuri toll road) and Kujukuri-yuryo- doro (Kujukuri toll road) and reach Ichinomiya-machi, where is a contiguous city to Isumi.

[Free period] from July 1, 2015 to September 30, 2015 (92 days)

It’s already started.

Why don’t you visit Isumi in the summer vacation?

>Area of Togane-kujukuri-yuryo-doro (Togane-kujukuri toll road)

>>bigger map

>Area of Kujukuri-yuryo- doro (Kujukuri toll road)

>>bigger map

( Zackey / Yasuko )

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