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Dairy Farm Field Trip !

Last month, the 27th March, I visited dairy farm field trip for kids conducted in Isumi City.

It was taken place in “Takahide Dairy Farm” in Isumi City. This farm offers from cow milking for small children to occupational practical training in dairy farming for adults.

It was rain on the day unfortunately, but 12 kids in the program were so energetic.

While listening to the explanation from the staff, kids tried feeding cows, cleaning the cow shed, and milking a cow.

“Warm!”, “Cute!”, and “Big!” Excited voice was here and there.

Not just kids, but their mothers were also very curious.

They came close to the cow and observed them in the cow shed.

And finally, it’s a lunch time!

They baked pizzas using brick oven of the farm.
They put some topping ingredients whatever they like and brought from home, and waited for 2 minutes.

Now delicious-looking pizzas are ready!

Everybody enjoyed these gorgeous pizzas.

After lunch, they moved to former Chimachi nursery school. They drew pictures remembering those cows. And then they did dustcloth race (wiping the floor with a dustcloth to compete for the speed).
The corridor is now sparkling clean. Thank you everybody!

This time the kids joined this program were from Ichinomiya-machi, our neighboring town.
It is a great pleasure for us to have such an opportunity to introduce our town to our neighbors.

Now it’s a pleasant season. It’s your turn to come and visit our Isumi City.

(Shige / Yasuko)

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