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Blooming lighthouse made by people’s hands @Taitosaki Toudai (Lighthouse)

Taitosaki Toudai (lighthouse) offers an unparalleled view in Isumi.

The members of local Lighthouse Club work to improve the environment of the area, and now the place is one of the sightseeing spot in Isumi.

During this season, the local elementary school students and adults work together to improve the landscape of the lighthouse every year.

They collected fallen leaves and took them to a composting area.
The fallen leaves collected by children last year is used as a fertilizer for planting flowers this year.

This year they planted “Lilium maculatum” and “Crinum asiaticum” which were designated as nationally protected species.

Under the instruction of elderly men who were good at gardening, children carried the big Crinum asiaticums and planted them.

The holes to plant the plant had been already dug by the adults considering children’s capacity, so that the children still had too much energy left.
I felt it was a precious experience to have an opportunity for adults and children work together across generation at this time of age.

Compost of fallen leaves made by children last year is passed to the next grade this year.
The plants planted by the children this year will show us beautiful flowers next year.
The same will be done next year. The people’s activity will be piled up every year and the plants and flowers will gradually be a part of scenery of Taitosaki Toudai

When you visit Taitosaki Toudai, if you know these people’s daily activities,
the lighthouse may look brighter than usual.

Now, it is very pleasant to visit lighthouse on the day of the clear autumn sky!!

How to get Taitousaki Toudai
Drive National Route 128 towards Ohara, and turn left at “Taito Toudai Iriguchi (Taito lighthouse entrance)”

Consultation for Relocation

Many different people visit our office of Isumi Lifestyle Lab from inside and outside the city looking for a consultation for relocation or information for a daily life.

Three person/families visited our office yesterday looking for the consultation.

The first case was a couple aged in their 70’s who had come to “Isumi Living Salon” on Sunday previously. They came to the office on the day to tell us that they had bought a house and all the contract procedure had done.
I was happy that they would like to do something for the community with something they are good at.

The second case was a 70’s man who had moved to Isumi 10 years ago. Now he is planning to move close to his children, and was seeking consultation for selling his house.

I encounter such case sometimes.
Some people relocate hoping to live in county-side after retirement, but they feel uneasy when his/her condition is not as good as before due to aging. They also worry that they cannot go out without a vehicle, or their family may not be able to come to their place immediately in case of emergency.

When they are healthy, it may be good. I hope, however, that they choose to live in the country-side considering many situations such as the case they get injured or become ill, or they can no longer use a vehicle.

I don’t mean that it is uneasy or lonely to live in country-side. If you blend into the community, you can help each other (to have relationship of give-and-take) which is common in country-side.

An old lady of my neighbor is in her 80’s and living alone. She goes to day service 3 days a week, and work at her kitchen garden from the morning to evening the rest of the week. She also sometimes goes for shopping or to events using bus or taxi.
I drive her to drop off somewhere if timing matches when I go out. Then she may give me some vegetable in return.
I have a good relationship with her which is common in countryside.

The third case was a couple aged in their 30’s with a small kid considering relocation. They happened to see some houses in Isumi and stopped at our office on the way.

They are going to continue working in Tokyo, so that wanted to know if it could work both life in country-side and work in Tokyo. Also they wanted to know about area where tsunami may affect, as well as community circle where they can utilize their hobby.

During consultation, I always tell them to visit the place many times and talk to many local people. The custom is different depending on the place, so is the atmosphere. I recommend them first to rent a house or apartment to live for a year or so, and then decide to buy a land or house after actually living the place.

It is depend on the person’s mindset if “once you live in a place, it grows on you” is true or not.

If one relocated to the place is positively interested in the community and local people, they will slowly open their mind.

I have seen crossroads of life for many people on the day.

( Miho / Yasuko )

The Cheese in Isumi won Awards!

Japanese spiny lobster, Isumi rice…
There are many specialty products in Isumi.

Among those, “Cheese made in Isumi city” became a popular topic of our conversation between staffs as new specialty foods.
There are no less than 5 cheese factories in Isumi city, and each of them makes distinctive cheese using local (Isumi) milk.

Such Isumi cheese won awards at JAPAN CHEESE AWARD 2014!
The award winning cheeses are as follows:
・Gold Prize “Makiba no Taiyo” from cheese factory of Takahide farm
・Bronze Prize “Mozzarella Cheese” from cheese factory Yojuemon

The results are here (Website of Cheese Professional Association).

121 cheeses from 61 factories were nominated for the award, and I am very happy that cheeses from Isumi were selected among them.

I expect the further success of cheese factories in Isumi!!

( Shige / Yasuko )

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