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A chorus of frogs near Chimachi Nursery School

Rice planting started in Isumi area.

There are tractors on the road and it causes traffic jam sometimes… but I got used to it already.

Elderly ladies and men with work clothing are busy working at paddy fields.

When I went to Former Chimachi Nursery School yesterday evening for cleanup after Isumi Life Market event,

I heard a chorus of frogs.

This is something that you cannot hear in a city…

I remembered that I had missed this chorus when I was out of Isumi and could not hear this chorus of frogs.

If you are one who shifted to Isumi from a city, you may be surprised.

But don’t worry, you will get used to it soon.

Summer is the real season for the chorus of frogs, and they are now practicing. You can hear the sound in the you tube site.

Please listen this You Tube, imaging the country view of Isumi.

( UI / Yasuko )

Spring scenery

This is Horii.

The new fiscal year started, and you may be busy during this season.
If you look around, however, you can find scenery that soothe and relax your mind in Isumi in this season.
I will introduce you such spring scenery of Isumi today.

The cole flower has colored the filed for quite some time.

The cherry blossom outside office fully bloomed around a week ago

Here is the place I recommend you to visit in this pleasant season!
It is “Kaze Soyogu Tani Kuniyoshi” station of Isumi Railway.

There is “Kaze Soyogu Hiroba (wind breathing park)” on the other side of the track of Kuniyoshi Station.
Did you know it?
Sorry I did not know as I have moved to Isumi only recently.

This is an open space and children can play freely.
There are Moomin figures here and there, and there is very small creek. It is a very nice place with relaxing atmosphere.
It may be a good idea to sit and snack on the grass while you wait the next train on a warm day. You can buy a snack at the Moomin shop in the station.

You still can see cole flower, but cherry blossom has fallen already because of the rain and wind these days.
Of course you still can relax in the space even after cherry blossom season.

( Horii / Yasuko )

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