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Cherry Blossom in Isumi Fully Bloomed

On April 2nd in the morning, the weather was nice, and I went out to see cherry blossom in Isumi City.

I thought of going to a famous photo spot of Isumi Railway where the contrast of cole flower and cherry blossom are supposed to be so beautiful, and I visited see a row of cherry blossom trees near Nittano station.

A lot of people were already there with their cameras.
Some of them are from Chiba, and others from Omiya, Sagami, etc., quite far place.

A Japanese style house with the rural landscape provides a nice view like a picture.
I had liked Isumi but I once again found that Isumi was a really great place.

Then suddenly the railroad crossing bell started to sound!
Everybody got ready to take a photo of the train.

Only two trains (one inbound and one outbound) run per hour, and it is a single car train.
You can’t miss the right timing to take a good photo.

My camera doesn’t have enough zoom, but I managed to take the train photo somehow.
Well, I wish I could have taken a better photo!
But then I have to wait for another one hour…

I am Makibe with dandelion flowers. Pretty, aren’t we?

Cherry blossom trees are planted here and there along the railway line other than this place. Many people also take a train to enjoy the view.

The Isumi Railway prepared a map for must-see sight for flowers and others.
The map is available in our office.

Why don’t you visit those places with the map in the pleasant spring season?

You can also download the map here

It is relaxing and enjoyable. It is highly recommended.

(Shu / Yasuko)

Open Day for Cherry Blossom Viewing@former Chimachi Nursery School

Former Chimachi nursery school, where you can see the beautiful cherry blossom, was opened for the public on April 5th, 6th and 7th for cherry blossom viewing.

On April 5th, we held a cherry blossom viewing party at the place and invited our friends and others.

The cherry blossom was so beautiful on the day.

I spread a vinyl sheet on the ground and was ready to welcome people!

It was really pleasant day, and I was lying down on the sheet.
But, the rain started to drop!

We took shelter under the eaves.
People started to come by twos and threes after early afternoon.
The rain was almost stopped, and we started BQQ for lunch.

Many people included families with little kids also joined the party.

Kids were running around in the school building.

There were many people who met for the first time,
but they had common topics such as parenting or community, etc., and enjoyed conversation.

May 4, 2014, The 8th Taitosaki Toudai Matsuri (Taitosaki Lighthouse Festival)
Flea market vendors & Volunteer staff wanted

This is one of the specialty events during Golden Week holidays, Taitosaki Toudai Matsuri (Taitosaki Lighthouse Festival).

Shout your dream at Taitosaki Lighthouse!

The event includes a lot of interesting programs such as customary Shouting competition, Japanese drum playing, and Hula dance as well as catching weatherfish with hands, Isumi delicious food stalls, and flea market etc.

+Date: May 4, 2014 (Sun) 10:00 – 14:30
* In the event of rain, postponed to May 5, 2014 (Mon)

+Venue: Taitosaki Toudai Hiroba (Taitosaki Lighthouse park)
* Car parking space is limited. Free shuttle bus is available from temporary car park.
For more details, see (–>).

+We are looking for volunteers who can support us on the day of the event.
・Meeting time and place: 7:30AM at Titosaki Toudai (Taitosaki Lighthouse)
・Activity detail: set up of tents, helping Lighthouse Club to set up booth to sell goods etc.
* Lunch will be provided for volunteers.

+We are looking for flea market vendors
・Sale of recycled goods
・No space fee
・Carry in time: 7:30 – 8:30
For more details, please contact:
+Toudai Matsuri executive committee
0470-62-6147 (Sato)
0470-87-9833 (Narisawa)

(Miho / Yasuko)

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