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Participated in “Chiba CSR summit 2015” as a panelist

Our chairperson Ms. Takahara participated in “Chiba CSR summit 2015 – The wisdom to survive post-2020” at Chiba city business support center on October 20, 2015, Tuesday.

This summit meeting was held to create an opportunity to consider the system to collaborate between citizen, company, and government in order to make our future regional community sustainable.

“In order to solve regional problems such as population decrease, aging population and lower birth rate, exhausted regional economy, and destruction of natural environment, every one of us who live in the regional community need to become aware of our social responsibility (SR). Each individual sector brings back what they can do to complement each other to solve problems in the regional community, which results in the enhancement of the value of the region.
We will consider what we need now especially to face the influence on the regional economy after Tokyo Olympic in 2020 and regional challenges that is becoming complex and diverse and to create the sustainable regional community. We will seek the wisdom to survive post-2020 through each role of company, government, and citizen from the view point of CSR.
From announcement page of the summit meeting

Mr. Masaru Terada from Terada Honke Brewery, a moderator Mr. Tokuya Ariyoshi (Soken Group), and our chairperson Ms. Takahara were in preliminary discussion of the breakout session before the opening in the presenter waiting room.

Opening address was given by Mr. Kazuo Kamiko, a deputy manager of Chiba prefecture Commerce, industry and labor department.

After the opening, firsty, Mr. Noboru Sekiya, an associate professor who is also known as a commentator of “NEWS Chiba 930” as well as a chairperson of Chiba no WA Chiikizukuri Kikin (Chib no Wa community development fund), spoke with the title “Wisdom to survive post-2020 —The way regional community is shaped.”

Secondy, a CSR consultant Mr. Yoshitugu Izumi spoke with the title “Management capability of post-2020, where becmonig a company and NPO of choice is necessary.”

And then, breakout sessions were held after that.
Our chairperson Ms. Takahara gave a presentation of “Regional revitalization starting from citizens, How to create an attractive community ” at breakout session 5.

She had the privilege of having the session with Mr. Masaru Terada of Terada Honke Brewery who was a civil leader in Kouzaki-machi, where people work for developing attractive town and community as a “Hakko no Sato (Town of fermentation).”
They introduce their activities and its characteristics, and exchange opinions followed by question and answer session.

After the session, they had a post-conference party.

Somehow, a street entertainer showed his performance at the party…

Usually we seldom have an opportunity to receive feedback of our activities, but we were given encouraging words and feedback from the people inside and outside of Isumi city this day. That was stimulating.

We appreciate the member of an executive committee who kindly invited us to this meeting.

( Zackey / Yasuko )

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