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Isumi Summer Events

“Isumi Summer Festa” was announced in this blog last time.

Here we will introduce summer events in Isumi at once.

Ohara beach and Taito beach, official sea bathing season start

Finally, the sea bathing season is coming. Events such as Hula and Ukulele will be held on stage from 9:30.
Date and Time: July 19 (Sat) 8:30 –
Place: Taito beach (8:30 – Ceremony to offer prayer for safety at the beach, 9:30 – Stage Event)
Ohara beach (10:00 – Ceremony to offer prayer for safety at the beach, No event)

18th Hot Festa in Summer

Annual Ennichi (stall) Festival. Joyous event with band performance, Kuroshio dance, Drum performance, etc.
Date and Time: July 20 (Sun) 16:00 – 21:00
Place: Ohara chuou shotengai (Ohara central shopping street) (Near Ohara station, JR Sotobo line)

Mackerel Fishing Festa

Sorry, this annual event is already reached a limit. Please come next year if you are interested.
Date and Time: July 21 (National Holiday)
Place: Ohara fishing port (11574 Ohara Isumi-shi)

Isumi city Yamada Kakashi Matsuri (Scarecrow Festival)

Curious Isumi Scarecrow Festival. What kind of scarecrows will be displayed this year !?
Date and Time: July 26 (Sat) 27 (Sun)
Place: Near Goku-kuminn center, Yamada, Isumi-shi (near Yamada-goku intersection)

Isumi city Sunrise Garden Pool

If you are scared of swimming at a beach, why not go to the pool! Small children can also play safely.
Date and Time: July 26 (Sat) – August 17 (Sun) 9:00 – 17:00
Place: Sunrise Garden Pool (Fukahori Isumi-shi 1712-1 )

Summer ! Let’s go! OHB!

Bon dance festival at a beach with a soft sound of the sea. There will be fireworks in a finale.
Date and Time: August 5 (Tue) 17:30 – (Cancelled if rained. Only fireworks will be postponed to the next day)
Place: Ohara beach

Bon Bon Festa

There will be a performance such as Bon dance and Japanese drum. There will be fireworks in a finale.
Date and Time: August 9 (Sat) 16:30 –
Place: Isumi-shi Misaki-cho Sogo Ground (general playground)

Taito Beach Park Treasure Hunting

Treasure is at the wide Taito sand beach! A beach event in the middle of summer.
Date and Time: August 13 (Wed)
Place: Taito beach

Isumi Fureai Nouryou Matsuri (Festival)

Traditional Bon dance festival. Fireworks with a background of a mountain are beautiful.
Date and Time: August 14 (Thu) 17:00 –
Place: School yard of Kuniyoshi junior high school

Tourounagashi (small lanterns are lit and floated downstream on a river to send off the dead spirits)

Would you come to see mystical Tourou (lanterns) floating in Isumi-river in the evening of summer ?
Date and Time: August 14 (Thu) start around 18:00 (after dark)
Place: Mouse of the Isumi-river (near back side of Villa Sotobo)

In addition, monthly Isumi Life Market in Chimachi (ChimachiMa, held on the second Sunday every month) and Ohara fishing port, port morning market (Ohara fishing port, held on the third Sunday every month) will be also held. We have lots of events in this summer in Isumi city.

It’s a good opportunity for you to stay in Isumi longer to enjoy Summer Festa and other events !

( Shige / Yasuko )

Summer Festa in Isumi 2014 Start on July 1 , 2014

Let enjoy summer of Boso peninsula in Isumi !
Summer Festa is going to start this year again.
You can enjoy fruit picking, playing in the sea, cooking country dishes, and more.

1. Mackerel Fishing
Enjoy fishing mackerel with your children, boyfriend/girlfriend, and group !

Duration: July 20 (Sun) – Aug 31 (Sun) 1PM-3PM
(No event on August 4, 13, 14, 15, 18)
Fee: Adult (High school age and older) 4,000 yen; Child (Junior high school age and younger) 2,000 yen
Bait and fishing tackle included.

2. Surfing & Body-board
Would you make your surfing debut at Isumi, Mecca of surfing ?

Duration: July 1 (Tue) – August 31 (Sun)
Fee: 5,400 yen – Approx. 2h. Equipment rental available at additional cost

3. River Cruise
Enjoy river cruise at Isumi River.

Duration: July 1 (Tue) – August 31 (Sun) (Closed on every Monday)
Fee: 5,400 yen/person (including insurance, equipment rental, and consumption tax)
For more details and application, please contact: Isumi Paddle Club (TEL: 0470-62-5073)

4. Nature Observation
Let’s observe wildlife of summer and autumn in Isumi

1) Lotus admiring week (July 15 – 21)
2) Plants observation at seashore (July 19)
3) Let’s seek life in the channel of firefly at the center (July 26)
4) Observation of summer constellation (July 26)
5) Mini-program – special week “Summer play of countryside” (August 5 – 10)
6) Let’s go to Dragonfly Bog to see dragonfly (August 23)

5. Fishing American Crayfish
Duration: Every day (except for closed day of the center)

For more details and application for No. 4 and 5, please contact: Isumi Environment and Culture Village (TEL: 0470-86-5251)

6. Catching Japanese spiny lobster with hands and making dried fish (mackerel)

Duration: August 9 (Sat), 10 (Sun), 13 (Wed)
Fee: 2,100 yen/person (3 horse mackerels, 1 Japanese spiny lobster)
For more details or application, please contact: Alpha Co., Ltd. (TEL: 0470-64-0077)

7. Excited from Children to Adults! Farm tour to learn the animal’s life
Learn, Taste, Enjoy! -Farming experience

Duration: July 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 21, 26, 27, August 2, 3, 9, 10, 14, 16, 17
Fee: 1000 yen (Elementary school age and older); 500 yen (Below elementary school age); Infant free
For more details or application, please contact: Takahide Farm (TEL: 0470-86-2131)

8. Pear picking
Picking pear that is sweet and less sour. The pear was grown using less agricultural chemicals and more organic fertilizer.

Duration: August 23 (Sat) – September 10 (Wed)
For more details or application, please contact
・Odaka Farm (TEL: 0470-87-2164)
・Otani Farm (TEL: 0470-87-4739)

9. Blueberry Picking
July 25 (Fri) – August 25 (Sun)
Would you pick blueberry in the richly green environment?
* Duration and Fee depend on the farms. Please check details on the web page or brochure.

10. Fig Picking
How about sweet fig picking at the place full of nature?
Duration: August 9 (Sat) – August 31 (Sun), Prior booking required
For more details or application, please contact: Goheiyama Farm (TEL: 0470-66-0479)
Free admission, Picked fig 1000 yen/kg

11. Ornamental Charcoal Making [NEW]
Duration: July 27 (Sun)
Fee: 700 yen

12. Making Tofu with Lunch [NEW]
Duration: August 17 (Sun)
Fee: 1000 yen
For more details or application for No. 11 and 12, please contact: Isumi Kyarabuki Promotion Group (TEL: 0470-86-2969)

13. Isumi History Visit Tour
Would you visit a place to enjoy panoramic view of wide clear Pacific Ocean, Kujukuri beach, and city of Isumi?
Duration: August 2 (Sat), 3 (Sun)
Fee: 2500 yen (including lunch)

14. Getting on a Mini Railroad
Duration: August 9 (Sat), 10 (Sun)
Basically free. Donation box will be placed
For more details or application for 13 and 14, please contact: NPO Taitosaki Lighthouse Club (TEL: 0470-87-3527)

15. Cooking Country Dishes by Rakudokai
July 12 (Sat) – August 25 (Mon)
Futomaki-Sushi (Sushi roll) (1 fried egg, 1 rolled sushi), Pizza
Duration: July 12 (Sat) – Every Saturday and Saturday (*No event on July 20 and August 17)
Fee: Futomaki-Sushi 3000 yen / person; Pizza 2500 yen/person
For more details or application, please contact: Rakudokai (TEL: 0470-87-2660)

16. Making Soba
Making handmade soba with buckwheat powder harvested in Isumi.
July 1 (Tue) – early September
For more details or application, please contact
– Misaki Soba Kobo (TEL: 0470-87-2074)
– Handmade Soba Hiraga (TEL: 0470-87-3036)
Fee: 1 set (5 servings) 2500 yen

17. “Indigo” Raw Leaves Dyeing
Dyeing using Raw leaves is only for summer season. We use local Indigo for dying.
Duration: July 13, 14, 27, 28, August 10, 11, 24, 25
Fee: Adult 2500 yen/person (silk scarf) *High school age and older
  Child 1000 yen/person (Cotton handkerchief)
For more details or application, please contact: “At Home Cotton Project(Homey Cotton Project)” (TEL: 080-1211-0508)

* The event on July 13 will be held at Isumi Life Market in Chimachi.
13:00 – 15:00 Please book in advance.

18. Making Soba starting from sowing seed in Isumi, Boso

Collaboration event of NPO Isumi Lifestyle Lab and Summer Festa
Would you make Isumigawa Soba using buckwheat powder harvested in Isumi city.
Duration: August 2, early October, Middle November
Fee: Adult 1500 yen each time (lunch of handmade soba included)
*participation free for elementary school age or younger (lunch 1000 yen)
For more details or application, please contact
・NPO Isumi Lifestyle Lab (TEL: 0470-62-6730)
・Handmade Soba Hiraga (TEL: 0470-87-3036)

*The number is limited. We look forward to your participation.

*Detailed information will be uploaded on the website of Isumi City once it is ready,
or, please contact the relevant organizations.

The brochure is also available at our office. Please stop by our office if you would like the brochure.

( Miho / Yasuko )

Copyright (c) NPO Isumi Lifestyle Laboratory, all rights reserved.