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We joined the beach cleaning, integrated learning class of the Misaki junior high school

We joined the beach cleaning as a part of the integrated learning class of the 2nd year students of Misaki junior high school on June 6, 2016.

In their 1st year, we Isumi Lifestyle laboratory worked together to create a community development plan in their integrated learning class.
During the class, this beach cleaning activity was chosen as a community development activity that student themselves can take initiative.

As it was supposed to be cancelled even in case of slight rain, we worried about the weather.
It was, however, sunny on the day.
The sun was strong, but the wind was pleasant and it was a good weather to work outside.

While students were picking up trash, surfers were riding the wave behind them.

It seems surfers routinely clean this beach and trash cans were set like this to separate them properly.

There was less trash in the area where surfers are around.

As we move forward to Ichinomiya-machi direction, where surfers are not around, however, we found lots of trash.

During the cleaning, a truck to carry the collected trash was stuck in sand.
A friend of the vice principal helped us driving his wheel loader.
Students also pushed the truck and truck was successfully unstuck.

We collected so much trash.

The student went back to school and separated the trash in the afternoon.

This was a whole day activity.
Great work, students. And nice support, teachers. The activity was done with no accident.

Isumi Lifestyle Laboratory provided trash bags and work gloves for this cleaning activity through Japan Fund for Global Envionment (JFGE) Grant Program 2016.
We also prepared and provided handouts to support leaning community development.

*This article was created based on the funds from JFGE Grant Program 2016

(Zackey / Yasuko)

Report – Isumi Life Market in Chimachi held on January 10, 2016 (Sun)


Chimachi Market was again held this year lively!

The New Year mood was almost over already, but we did “Mochi-tsuki (pounding Mochi)” to still enjoy the New Year mood.

It was surprising that so many people joined with us!
Mochi of the first round was quickly finished.
Some people were waiting that the rice cooked for the next round of Mochi-tsuki.
It seems everyone love Mochitsuki….

Local moms cooked (steamed) Mochi rice, and the rice was pounded by everyone. The Mochi was eaten as Oshiruko (red bean soup with Mochi) or Kinako Mochi (Mochi with sweeten soy bean powder), which was made by local moms.
They were soft and smooth, delicious!

Also we finally made Yakiimo (roast sweet potato) using a bonfire on this day, which was not possible in November and December because of rain.
The sweet potato was roasted slowly for 3 hours from the morning, and it was soft and fluffy.
We will make Yakiimo at Chimachi Market in February again!

We had an excellent line-up of healing section this month
Healing, foot reflexology, moxa making by acupuncture clinic, and 2 traditional Thai massage shops (new shops).

They offered short trial course, so that it was easy to try.
I try something from healing section every time. It is relaxing to experience them while hearing voice of kids playing.

Why don’t you try next time!

The next Chimachi market will be on February 14 (Sun), on Valentine’s Day♪
We will have enjoyable events such as music concert, Yakiimo, kid’s maze, etc. Please come and visit.

The details will be updated in this blog. Please check!

( Naomi / Yasuko )

Collaboration between industry, government, academia and citizen. “Isumi city originating Boso lifestyle project” commenced.

On November 11, 2015 (Wed), we participated in the workshop of a collaboration project between Isumi city and Musashino Art University Design lounge (D-LOUNGE) in Akasaka, Tokyo. (Event site: Isumi city hall)

This workshop was a part of the project in which they unearth and inform the public the attractiveness of Isumi and find out issues and solutions.
As this was a project among industry, government, academia and citizen, backgrounds of participants were varied.

Academia: Musashino Art University Design lounge (D-LOUNGE)

Government: Isumi city and Community-Reactivating Cooperator Squad

Industry: Concent, Inc., a design company that design the “shape of communication” (Dr. Atsushi Hasegawa, President, is a lecturer of Musashino Art University)

Citizen: Isumi Lifestyle Laboratories and Isumi citizens

Staff member of Concent, Inc. acted as facilitators.

Participants were divided in 3 groups and had group work.

Member of Community-Reactivating Cooperator Squad, Isumi citizen, or staff of Isumi lifestyle Lab joined in each group.

They exchanged information, discussed opinions, and considered ideas.

While participants were doing group work, Professor Inokuchi (left) from Department of Design Informatics as well as Director of D-LOUNGE had a pleasant talk with Mr. Hayakawa (right), Councillor of Isumi city.

Participants presented results of each group work.

After they shared the discussion details, they had a further work to link them to the field work, and the task was finished for the day.

Starting with this workshop, they will have interviews with citizen and further workshops, and the final result presentation will be held in March in D-LOUNGE at Akasaka, Tokyo.

As collaboration projects with universities, we have accepted some students for field work in the past. This time however, we support the previous step, in some ways, support development of teaching material or development of basic research. It is the first experience for us Isumi lifestyle Laboratories and we are excited.

( Zackey / Yasuko )

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